Monday, September 7, 2009

Jamie's Top Five

1. Floating Points - Vacuum EP

The new Floating Points EP is a mix of slow dubbed out house with a hip hop edge! This EP grooves along nicely, if flying lotus made deep house it would sound something like this!

2. Night Dubbing

A collection of 80's disco tracks remixed by several artists, think of ultra cool 80's disco with modern day production!

3. Mixed Blood Cuts - Mad High (Richard Sen & Cazbee edit)

Mixed Blood Cuts is a new project by Padded Cells Richard Sen's & Cazbee, offering a selection of psychedelic disco mixed with old school electronic/techno! Impressive stuff!

4. Azoto - Disco Fizz

A re-issue of a disco classic LP. This gem is definitly worth owning on a slab vinyl!

5. Gatto Fritto - Invisible College

Gatto Fritto here giving us a selection of psychedelic/balearic/ slow-mo disco! This record would sound best at the end of an epic night out!

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